District Conference 2013

This weekend marked the end of the first quarter of the Rotaract year, it also happened to be our District (1020) Conference, which this year was held at the Ayr Racecourse.

This was attend by four Rotaractors, and a great time was had by all four, it was really good to speak to so many people who were supportive of Rotaract and was good to be able to tell people about the work we have been doing over the last 12 months, and some of the projects we have coming up over the next few.

For me personally the highlight of the conference was the Sunday Keynote speaker, Daniel Adams from Mary Meals, he gave an eloquent and emotive talks on the work that Mary’s Meals do in the Malawi and other countries across the world. The fact the Mary’s Meals helps over 790,000 children in some of the poorest countries in the world is an brilliant achievement for a charity that is only just over a decade old. In a break with conference tradition, rather than collecting money, each club donated backpacks towards The Backpack Project and it was amazing to see that nearly 400 back packs were donated. 

It was also very interesting to hear from a student who had come through the Princes Trust training schemes, and the other work the charity does with young people, from helping them stay in school, to getting a job or starting their business.

Aside from the speakers a great night was had at the Presidents Ball, where everyone let their hair down and danced until the early hours of the morning, grateful of the extra hour of sleep gained by the changing of the clocks.  We also braved the worst weather that the western Scotland could throw at us to take a visit to the beach!

I think we’ll all look forward next years conference to be held in the highlands of Scotland at the Ski Resort of Aviemore, the website and registration will be going live soon: www.1020conference2014.org.uk

Alex and Sophie at the Beach



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