Peak to Peak Challenge!

The peak to peak challenge is fantastic initiative organised between Paraventures and Capability Scotland which helps disabled people see some beautiful parts of Edinburgh they’d otherwise be unable to access.

Each wheelchair user was pulled by a team of 10 “human huskies” from the start point in the Pentlands, through central Edinburgh via the Grassmarket, all the way to the top of Arthur’s Seat. Anyone who’s stopped to catch their breath near to the top will appreciate this was no small achievement!

While the teams started off in the morning we had the (admittedly much easier) job of carting some tables and refreshments to the top ready for their arrival, then running back down again to make sure everyone took the correct path. After all, as Gordon (aka “The Boss”) liked to remind us, the insurance loves it when we keep everyone safe!

We thoroughly enjoyed the day, but most importantly the people we helped did too. Jamie, pictured above and who we met previously during a practise pulling the chairs, left a wonderfull comment on this facebook picture describing it as one of the best days of his life.

We can’t wait to help out with the next Paraventure!

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