Poppy Scotland Field of Remembrance 2013

To pay respect to the memory of the fallen heroes, that gave their lives so we can live ours in peace, this Saturday 2nd of November, Edinburgh Rotaract Club helped Poppyscotland create their Field of Remembrance by planting remembrance crosses by the Sir Walter Scott monument in Princess Street Gardens.

View of Castle with Field of Remembrance

Thousands of crosses were received each bearing a message of support, gratitude or paying tribute to those who served in Armed Forces. These were used to create a Field of Remembrance. No rain or cold could diminish the spirit of gratitude and silent respect which was in the minds and eyes of the city public and charity supporters. This was a very touching occasion as many crosses had emotive messages to someone who had lost their life in the Armed Forces.

The Garden and Field of Remembrance will be opened for public to view all week from 4th of November 2013. Edinburgh Rotaract is very thankful to Poppyscotland for the chance to take part in this memorable and humbling project.

The whole team

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